Hi, I'm Harvey

I consider myself as a Digital Solutions Expert. I help and guide clients on making optimum decisions to solve their digital problems. My Software Engineering knowledge coupled with my experience in building bespoke software makes me well-equipped in providing a complete service from development to deployment.

About Me

I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer based in Manila, Philippines. I'm very passionate about learning, teaching and just building things in general. And cats, I like cats very much. And also memes. Elon memes, so hot right now.

I used to work as a technical lead at a corporate company but decided to go freelance in the middle of 2018 due to various reasons. I just really feel like this is where I could provide more value for my work; working close and direct with clients. Guiding and providing insights on how to go about developing a software product.

When I'm not working on a client project, I'm developing side projects or fiddling with hobby electronics. I haven't written much these days, but it's also something that I've been planning to work on for years — creating regular content to my blog and possibly a youtube channel.

Full-Stack Sofware Engineer
2018 - Now
Software Consultant
2019 - Now
Application Developer Team Lead
2017 - 2018
Programmer Analyst III
Vertetre Solutions, Inc - Accenture
2017 - 2018
Software Specialist / R&D Engineer II
Nokia Networks
2014 - 2017